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Comply Building Group
is a registered Special Inspection Agency (SIA) that provides a broad range of Class 2 inspection services

Special and Progress Inspections

Mechanical Systems Inspections

Are the inspection of selected materials, equipment, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections.

Tenant Protection Plan inspection

CBG provides TPP inspection services to ensure compliance with the tenant protection plan throughout the progress of the construction work.

Plumbing/Sprinkler system Inspections

CBG performs a comprehensive inspection of piping, ductwork, controls, piping support and hangers.

Fireproofing inspections

Inspections of fireproofing can be for individual areas of fireproofing, or part of a facility-wide program.

Structural inspections

Civil and structural inspections verify the integrity of the core and base of a building

Energy Compliance inspections

Energy code inspections are work progress inspections to verify compliance with the NYC.

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