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Special Inspections

Special Inspections are the inspection of selected materials, equipment, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections, to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and the Department of Building (DOB) code standards. Consulting with Comply Building Group ensures your project is safe and is complying with the standards and requirements defined by the NYC BC.


Civil and structural inspections verify the integrity of the core and base of a building. At CBG our inspectors safeguard the stability of the building and verifies the safety of the elements used during construction. Our inspector engineers perform a detail-oriented inspection, including but not limited to: welding quality and stability, shoring and bracing for excavations, structural integrity of foundation walls, shoring, soil and gravel filling, supports adequacy, structural integrity of core elements, soil testing conditions, underpinning, and more.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection

MEP inspections verify the installation, functionality, and compliance of HVAC, electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection equipment. CBG performs a comprehensive inspection of piping, ductwork, controls, piping support, hangers, vibration isolation are properly installed conforming with approved contract drawings and all building codes and standards have been met.

Energy Compliance inspections

Energy code inspections are work progress inspections to verify compliance with the NYC building construction requirements as they pertain to the required level of energy efficiency of the building as per the approved energy code documents and drawings. These specialized energy code compliance inspections cover many facets of a construction project. The team of professionals at CBG are qualified inspectors that have performed hundreds of energy code compliance inspections. Building companies have come to expect timely, accurate, and efficient energy code compliance inspections when engaging Comply Building Group for these vital services.

FireProofing Inspections

CBG has completed numerous fireproofing inspections to ensure materials and the installation of material will be capable of withstand any fire exposure per its original design. Inspections of fireproofing can be for individual areas of fireproofing, or part of a facility-wide program.

Tenant Protection Plan Compliance Inspections

CBG provides TPP inspection services to ensure compliance with the tenant protection plan throughout the progress of the construction work. Inspections are performed at commencement of work, demolition phase, whenever a tenant protection plan violation is issued, until constructions operations have been completed. Thus, ensuring tenant’s protection during construction activities and verifying compliance with the TPP and related inspections.


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